Imaje Massage Therapy, P.S.


I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I work with:

“Jamie is a joy to work with!  By that, I mean he shows up when he says he will and his schedule is always full.  And, we get great comments about him from our employees!  Growing a successful worksite massage program can be challenging.  The most important factor is the therapist and Jamie certainly fits the bill for us.” 
Doug S.
Wellness Manager

Large Washington State Agency

 "I have been going to James for 5 years and have had multiple muscle injuries. He has been more effective in aiding my healing process than any other member of my health care team.  He has extensive knowledge of anatomy and can pinpoint the sources of issues very quickly and effectively.  In addition, he provides a very calm, supportive atmosphere that makes the whole massage experience very pleasant and relaxing."

Sharon B.


“So relaxing and therapeutic!”



 "Your work has benefited me because of the increase of energy, the great reduction of anxiety and the quicker recovery from injuries. Thank you”



  "I get a full body massage once a month. At my advanced age, he keeps my hands/shoulders/low back, and other parts, working. I fully believe that the relationship we've built is of great benefit for me-he seems to quickly get in 'tune/touch" with what's happening with your body and energy. He can also provide energy work, Reiki, foot reflexology! You may have tried the rest, now try the best. I recommend a 60 minute massage then a 30 minute energy work session (think foot reflexology!). You will float, literally float out of the office. The effects stay with me and help keep me grounded in peace.”